Who are we?

The Deben Estuary Partnership was formed in 2008 with the vision of creating a plan along with the Environment Agency and Suffolk Coast and Heaths to protect the future of the Estuary. This Plan was to replace the Strategy previously proposed by the Environment Agency. Thus was developed the following objective of the group.

"To safeguard the Deben estuary from degradation by creating management partnerships of all the interested parties, particularly local communities, working together so that future generations may continue to benefit."
Inevitably from this initial liaison various groups of volunteers came together to develop different aspects of the objectives. Over time these groups have changed in personnel and numbers but the current situation is shown below.


DEP Plan Group.
Cllr.Christine Block: Karen Thomas EA: Haidee Stephens,SC&H:Graham Henderson,(Chair SCAR): Peter Youngs (: ESWAG & Shottisham PC): Simon Read,(RDA): Leo Brome,(Martlesham PC):Robin Whittle (RDA.):

DEP Wider Plan Group.
All plan group members plus Jane Burch (SCC): Bill Parker (SCDC): Rob Wise (NFU): Simon Amstutz (AONB Suffolk): John Jackson (Natural England):

DEP Strategy Group.
Cllr Christine Block: :Cllr Veronica Falconer: Graham Henderson (Chair SCAR) : Charles Loyd, (Strutt & Parker & IDB): James Foskett, landowner & IDB): William Notcutt, (landowner): Robert Simper, (landowner and RDA): Michael Paul,(landowner & Chair IDB) : Leo Brome, (Martlesham PC): Adrian Judge, (RDA): Robin Whittle ( Chair RDA): Simon Read (RDA):Simon Amstutz, (Suffolk AONB):

DEP Access Group.
Adrian Judge (Chair & RDA): Neil Montgomerie (Rtd Woodbridge Cllr):Anne Moore,(RDA): Annette Robinson (Rights of way SCC): John Forbes (Martlesham PC): Nicholas Rose ( Alderton PC): Cllr Susan Harvey: Cllr Veronica Falconer.

DEP Environment,Landscape & Archaeology Group.
Cllr Christine Block: Michael Thomas (Chair): Trazar Astley - Reid, (Ex.Estuaries Officer):Andrew Excel (Suffolk Wildlife Trust): Emma Hay (Natural England): Peter Holborn (SCC):
Phil Watson (SCC): John Jackson (NE):Bill Jenman (Suffolk AONB)|: Adrian Judge (RDA):Grant Lohoar (National Trust):Jacqui Miller (RSPB): Kieran O'Mahony (Graduate): Phil Pearson (RSPB): Jude Plouviez (SCC) Simon Read (RDA): Sally Redfern (Waldringfield Wildlife group): Martin Sandford (Suffolk Biological Records Centre): Chris Strachan (EA): Linda Wilkins (Waldringfield Wildlife Group): Rob Wise (NFU):

Saltmarsh Group:
This group is in the process of reconstruction under direction of Graham Henderson.

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